BGC Squared is a philanthropic program that aims to sustainably address earth science challenges using BGC volunteered time, expertise, and resources in partnership with local communities and organizations. The program supports not-for-profit, community-driven development and environmental protection projects locally, near our project sites and across the globe.

The program, founded in 2014, was driven by the passion shared by all BGC staff to leverage their expertise to support communities and organizations in need. Individual employees are the driving force behind projects with support from BGC resources to help achieve the various goals of the philanthropic programs. Our employees identify a need and use their areas of expertise to support the project work. The program continues to evolve as we harness the collective skills of BGC, expand our geographic reach, and grow our areas of practice.

BGC Squared projects provide expertise, funding, resources and time to support within three branches:
Applied Earth Science

We apply BGC’s specialized expertise and tools to global challenges in partnership with communities and organizations. We focus on natural disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, improving natural resource development practices, environmental protection, and stewardship.

Highlighted Projects:

Education and Outreach

We share our knowledge in the fields of earth sciences and engineering with future generations. With university students and those at the beginning stages of their career, we support technical skills development through mentorship for university design projects and student research. With younger generations, we aim to ignite and foster interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) fields.

Highlighted Projects:

Employee-Driven Fundraising

We support charitable initiatives close to our employees’ hearts through fundraising support and donation matching.

Highlighted Projects:


The following map shows locations across the globe where BGC Squared has conducted geoscience projects, outreach, and fundraising. Click on the pins to learn more about each project.

  • Blue: Applied Earth Science
  • Green: Education & Outreach
  • Red: Employee-Driven Fundraising


BGC Squared Team

Christy Roualt

Geological Engineer & BGC Squared Co-lead

BGC Squared Team

Ethan Faber

Geological Engineer & BGC Squared Co-lead

For more info on BGC Squared, see our Annual Retrospectives below, visit our LinkedIn, or contact us at bgcsquared@bgcengineering.ca