Leveraging our spatial expertise to bring you critical insights

Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Team is a diverse group of geospatial specialists that is passionate about using spatial analysis to simplify complex problems. The team leverages its creativity and technological expertise in order to increase the value of spatial data, generating insights that guide decision-making. Automated analyses and data manipulation procedures are designed and built from the ground up. This creates a high degree of flexibility, enabling the team to respond to changing client needs and scopes as projects evolve. We strive to help stakeholders avoid vendor lock-in by choosing the most appropriate software or library to ensure a successful project.

Our team builds scalable web services that allow for easy interaction, viewing, and editing of consolidated spatial information. The number of services as well as the volume of the data that they serve present team members with challenges related to data scraping, server administration, and cloud computing. We streamline access to critical information needed by stakeholders, helping them to achieve the insights they are seeking more easily and efficiently. Users access this information through web maps that are easy to use and that provide an ideal context for understanding geoscientific problems.

We continually invest in unified data structures that can benefit many clients and projects. The team also provides unique ways to visualize and collaborate around spatial data (including 3D holographic visualization) and implements stringent, systematic data quality control methods.

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Key Contacts


Jamie Sorensen

GIS Team Lead, Senior GIS Developer


Ivy Li

3D Visualization Lead, Senior GIS Analyst


Matthew Buchanan

Senior GIS Analyst


Alex Graham

GIS Developer