Groundwater Resources

Groundwater resource exploration, development, management, & protection

Groundwater is a critical component of water supply throughout the world. When professionally managed, groundwater can provide a reliable and sustainable source of water to communities, large and small. Groundwater supply studies generally involve the assembly and examination of available information, followed by site reconnaissance, and then exploration. If conditions are favorable, production wells or wellfields can be developed. 

BGC works with our clients to sustainably develop and manage their groundwater resources. Our modelling capabilities and advanced data analysis and interpretation skills provide our clients with a powerful set of tools to manage their groundwater supplies. Our team has expertise in surficial and bedrock geological mapping and experience with air-photo interpretation; drilling, hydraulic testing, analysis, and rehabilitation of wells; groundwater modelling; and geochemical analysis, remediation , and dating of groundwater.

Our advanced water management services include:

Groundwater supply exploration, development, monitoring and protection
Water quality assessment, including geochemical analysis, dating of groundwater, plume delineation, risk assessment and remediation
Hydrogeological investigation and in-situ testing
Pumping well performance assessment and rehabilitation
Installation and maintenance of remotely monitored instrumentation
Operational guidance for sustainable groundwater extraction

Key Contacts

Groundwater Resources

Marc Adams

Principal Geoenvironmental Engineer

Groundwater Resources

Willy Zawadzki

Principal Hydrogeologist

Groundwater Resources

Matthew Cleary

Senior Hydrogeologist

Groundwater Resources

Heather Provost

Senior Hydrogeologist, Project Management Team Lead

Groundwater Resources

Kent Wiezel

Senior Hydrogeological Engineer