Supporting the energy transition by applying earth science expertise across the power generation & transmission industry

BGC provides specialized engineering and geoscience services for a variety of power generation, transmission, and distribution clients. Our understanding of the impacts of earth processes and geology on engineered structures allows us to provide innovative solutions in diverse and challenging terrains. We serve our clients through all stages of project development and operation, from concept to ownership and management.

Geohazard Risk Management

BGC is the industry leader in geohazard identification and characterization, risk assessment, and mitigation designs. Our services for power generation facilities and transmission lines encompass the full spectrum of landslide, flood, and snow avalanche hazards for clients with projects under development to emergency response plans for operational clients.

Site Characterization

Power generation and transmission projects require a thorough understanding of earth processes that may impact their lifecycle. BGC delivers site characterization services from preliminary desktop reviews of geology and seismicity to rigorous site investigation and laboratory testing. 

Geotechnical & Hydrotechnical Engineering Analysis, Design and Construction

BGC leads the industry in geotechnical and hydrotechnical engineering. We combine our expertise with an understanding of geology, geohazards, hydrology, and industry practices to provide a comprehensive variety of services for clients, including geotechnical site investigations, rock scour analyses, landslide-generated wave analyses, slope, and foundation design. We apply our specialized knowledge of foundation engineering, slope stability, landslides, snow avalanches, hydrologic processes, and seismic hazards from the earliest stages of project development through to post-construction. We also assist clients with permitting and approvals and public consultation.

Operations & Monitoring

BGC assesses geotechnical, weather, and hydrotechnical monitoring requirements to recommend, install and maintain appropriate monitoring instrumentation. Our data management services include database and website development, live data connectivity, and communication systems to provide warning of tolerance threshold exceedance.

BGC services clients in the operation of their infrastructure assets primarily by providing on-call emergency response to geohazards or events that impact service. We work remotely using available data and data management tools and can mobilize to the site immediately to resolve the situation.

BGC also maintains monitoring or remotely sensed data such as lidar, radar, and InSAR, and contact sensors, such as Shape Accel-Arrays, slope inclinometers, and piezometers. We have a range of system complexity and automation that we apply to the project depending on specific needs.

Data Management & Visualization

BGC’s Software Team develops web applications to meet mission-critical data and mapping requirements. Our applications integrate drill hole and instrumentation data with earth-observation data and any number of map layers. Web applications for energy projects are built with BGC’s Cambio geohazard-management platform and augmented. Virtual reality applications are used to visualize engineering and geoscience knowledge.  

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