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Interested in Cambio?

With Cambio, geohazard and geotechnical asset management decisions are more cost effective, defensible, better documented, transparent, and easily communicated to regulators and senior management. 

A small investment in Cambio can help you avoid a huge investment in disaster management.

Balance the high cost of disaster recovery

Cambio is available to new and existing BGC clients through an annual software license, which includes all existing functionality as well as upgrades, new features, and support.

A smart investment

Cambio is a state-of-the-art geotechnical asset and geohazard data management solution, available to you for far less than it would cost to build a similar product in house. We invest over $1 million of R&D funding annually to improve and update Cambio, which means you’ll always have the most robust solution available.

Data security & management

Management and security of client data is our primary concern. That’s why your data is encrypted when it’s entered or accessed in Cambio. It’s accessible only to you and BGC staff working with you and can be exported on request.