Providing instrumentation solutions to make informed decisions

BGC’s Instrumentation Team provides our clients with monitoring solutions related to the construction and management of critical infrastructure. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. These may be related to project-specific investigation, pre-feasibility, design and construction, operation and maintenance, and closure.

We specialize in the installation of downhole instrumentation such as piezometers, extensometers and inclinometers, and ShapeArrays, and offer a wide portfolio of experience related to the design, installation, and data management of real-time automated monitoring systems.

Monitoring across a broad spectrum of engineering & environmental issues

With advances in technology and the trickle-down of cost-effective computing, it is no longer cost-prohibitive to add onboard data acquisition and data logging to almost any measurement device. This can range from one-off, self-contained data loggers to complex multi-sensor stations. Additionally, data transmission and low-cost telemetry are commonly deployed to provide our clients with near real-time access to critical measurement data and accompanying user interfaces to efficiently view and manage data.

The wide breadth of engineering and environmental projects that BGC works on situates our client’s monitoring demands in a variety of environments. This can range from high-traffic, urban settings to remote and inhospitable climates. In all cases, we work with our clients to determine the optimal strategies to protect, power, transmit data and maintain their monitoring projects. Our independence from a single manufacturer allows us to help our clients select the most appropriate technologies for their unique project needs.

Thinking outside the box

The impact of geology on engineering projects and existing infrastructure can result in complex monitoring requirements and occasionally the need for the creation of new techniques and technologies. The BGC Instrumentation Team is involved in research and development initiatives with our clients and equipment manufacturers to push the boundaries on instrumentation and monitoring. We pride ourselves on being early adopters of state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, and industrial-internet-of-things (IIOT) solutions for data transmission, as well as supporting software development to extract the full potential of measurement data.