Health & Safety

Workplace safety for everyone

BGC is committed to the health and safety of our employees and the public. We have developed a safety program for our employees, contractors and subcontractors that meets or exceeds all applicable safety regulations and our clients’ requirements.

A healthy goal

The primary goal of BGC’s Health and Safety Program is to minimize risks to the health, safety and welfare of all people who may be affected by our business operations. Our H&S program provides the framework for BGC staff to complete high-quality technical work in a safe manner with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. 

Guiding Principles

One Team Safety and environmental stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. 
Excellence We strive for safety and environmental excellence. 
Curiosity We seek to identify and mitigate the health, safety and environmental risks in our project work scopes and actions to prevent and minimize these risks.  
Common Sense We are guided by practical wisdom and realize that every workplace situation can be unique and requires ongoing hazard assessment. 
Clarity We seek first to understand, and then communicate with clarity. 

Safe Work Guidelines

BGC has developed over 60 Safe Work Guidelines (SWG’s) for typical BGC tasks such as ground disturbance, pipeline inspections and drilling operations. Each SWG outlines critical hazards, risks and controls, training requirements, equipment and PPE, general safety procedures and applicable legislation for the task.

Incidents & Near Hits

BGC staff are required to report all incidents and near hits accurately and in a timely manner to the BGC H&S Team and their project manager. In addition, BGC encourages staff to recognize and report hazardous work conditions to minimize their exposure to potential incidents and near-hit scenarios. Incidents are investigated to determine the root cause of the incident to prevent a recurrence. Finally, staff are encouraged to report safe-work observations and reinforce positive safe behaviours. Lessons learned from incidents are communicated to all BGC staff at monthly H&S meetings. 

Hazard Assessment & Control

BGC employees are trained to identify potential workplace hazards and implement appropriate controls to mitigate these hazards. Our hazard assessment process primarily consists of the preparation of, discussion, and implementation of the site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP) at the beginning of the project. Hazards and controls are reviewed and discussed at Kickoff Safety Meetings and Daily Toolbox (or tailgate) Safety Meetings.

Environmental Program

BGC’s core purpose is to pioneer responsible solutions to complex earth-science challenges. This includes reducing the environmental impact of industry sectors we work in by delivering high-quality technical work and operating with sound environmental practices. BGC adheres to applicable regulations, guidelines, and client requirements with respect to the protection of the environment. 

Contractor Management Program

On many occasions, BGC has assumed the “Prime Contractor” role responsible for health and safety of the project. BGC is committed to conducting business with contractors who have a sound safety performance record. Contractors retained by BGC must have their own safety program tailored to the work they do that meets the requirements of the BGC safety program. Contractors are evaluated in a pre-qualification process.  

Reliable Safety

COR Certified

BGC maintains a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in the provinces of Alberta and Nova Scotia.

Jurisdiction COR Certificate #
Alberta 20160218-4415
Nova Scotia 2154

Compliance Networks

BGC is currently registered with several compliance networks. These networks assist with maintaining safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information for our clients. BGC is registered with the following compliance networks:

  • ISNetworld
  • Comply Works
  • Cognibox
  • Avetta
  • Workers' Compensation Board

    BGC maintains workers compensation coverage in the jurisdictions where we operate.