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Geohazard Infographics

Location: North America
Partners: General public

Communities across mountainous areas face a range of hazard types. These hazards can pose significant risks to public safety, and yet are not well understood by the general public. Through our engagement with communities, we have found a need for resources to educate the public about geohazards. It has been shown that relatively simple actions can dramatically increase the odds of surviving a landslide, but this information is not readily accessible to the general public (Pollock and Wartman 2020). What began as a non-structural, risk-reduction solution for a small community on Vancouver Island has evolved into a BGC Squared project to create a portfolio of infographics for various geohazard scenarios. We designed infographics for debris flows, rockfalls, rockslides, and landslides using practical experience from BGCers who have worked in geohazard disaster response and feedback from world-class disaster and risk-communication experts. The 2-sided illustrations include a hazard definition on one side and practical actions on the other. These educational resources can be made available to any community or client that sees a need for them.