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Climate Change Workshops

Location: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Colorado, and New Brunswick

Climate change and its consequences are amongst the most critical challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. For today’s youth, these challenges will impact their careers and lives. Based on BGC-collected survey data, climate change remains an underrepresented learning objective in K-12 school curricula. As an applied earth science company, BGC is keenly aware of how climate change will impact our work and our communities and clients. We wanted to use this perspective and experience to provide meaningful climate change education and outreach to elementary and high school students.

What we do

We aim to deliver high quality and engaging workshops that inform students on climate change themes and empower them with the knowledge to instill change. This is achieved through a combination of interactive presentations and inquiry-based activities that work through the following topics:

  • What is climate change?
  • Anthropogenic influence on the planet
  • Major climate change contributors
  • How we as individuals and as a community can help the planet

The content prepared for each topic has been purposefully made to integrate with the British Columbia k-12 school curriculum. We have worked and continue to work with BGC’s in-house climatologist to ensure that these workshops and content are consistent with current climate change research.

Contact us

If you’re an educator or parent and are interested in having us come to a classroom, please reach out to us at bgcsquared@bgcengineering.ca.