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Simon Dickinson

Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Chief Technical Officer

Simon Dickinson, Ph.D., P.Eng. (BC, ON, NB, NL), is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer and BGC’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He specializes in soil mechanics and has over 23 years of collective experience working on geotechnical projects internationally.  He is a member of several independent tailings review boards (ITRB) for a range of projects within Canada and in Europe.  His expertise includes the assessment of static and seismic liquefaction potential using both theoretical (critical state soil mechanics) and empirical methods.  He has experience with geotechnical characterization of tailings, weak soils and rocks including glaciolacustrine and marine silts and clays, residual soils (saprolite) and Caliche, and pre-sheared mudstone and clay shales. Dr. Dickinson has been the engineer of record (EOR) and led the design and construction of tailings facilities and water retaining structures, and has been responsible for the development and direction of BGC’s geotechnical laboratory.