Simon Dickinson

Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Chief Technical Officer


Simon Dickinson, Ph.D., P.Eng. (NB, PEI, NS, NL), is BGC’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Dr. Dickinson specializes in soil mechanics and has over 20 years of collective experience working on geotechnical projects. His role on these projects has included the design and construction of tailings facilities, the planning of site investigations and advanced laboratory testing programs, the interpretation of engineering properties of foundation soils, dam fill materials and tailings, the performance of slope stability analyses including those for open pits in soil and weak rock, complex staged dam construction on weak foundations, the performance of seepage analyses, the design of filters and drains, preparation of design reports, IFC drawings and technical specifications, management of construction Quality Assurance (QA) programs, and the preparation of construction records reports. His expertise includes the assessment of static and seismic liquefaction potential using both theoretical (e.g. critical state soil mechanics) and empirical methods. Dr. Dickinson has acted as Engineer of Record and as independent technical reviewer for various tailings projects. Dr. Dickinson has been responsible for the development and operation of BGC’s state-of-the-art geotechnical laboratory which specializes in the advanced testing of soil and rock. He has extensive experience with “non-textbook” soils including pre-sheared mudstone and clay shales, residual soils (saprolite) and Caliche. Dr. Dickinson has held teaching fellowships with the University of New Brunswick and at Queen’s University in Canada and has appeared as an Expert Witness on geotechnical matters in the New Brunswick (Canada) Court of Queen’s Bench.