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Lukas Arenson

Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Cryology Team Lead

Dr. Lukas Arenson, Ph.D., P.Eng. (BC, YK, NU, NWT) is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer whose main area of expertise is geotechnical, mountain permafrost engineering with specialization in frozen soil mechanics and geothermal modelling. He is a renowned expert in the dynamics of ice-rich frozen slopes in particular rock glaciers. He has expert knowledge in in-situ testing and monitoring of mountain permafrost in North America, the European Alps and the dry Andes of South America. He has further developed analytical solutions to analyze rock glacier stability and a permafrost distribution model to predict the spatial probability of permafrost occurrence in the mountainous terrain of the Andes, which has also been adapted for a site in Alaska. During his research, Dr. Arenson also concentrated on the thermo- mechanical processes of frozen and freezing soils on a microstructural level to better understand the hydraulic, strength and deformation properties of frozen soils with changing stress, temperature and salinity. Dr. Arenson has been studying the effects of natural air convection in cold climates as a researcher as well as a consultant. These studies included analysis for preventing permafrost degradation, re-establishing pre-construction thermal regimes after pipeline or road constructions, and accelerating the consolidation of mine waste tailings or cold climate heap leaching.