Northern Transmission Line Extension

CLIENT: Highway 37 Power

LOCATION: Iskut, British Columbia

BGC was retained by H37 Power Corporation (H37P) to provide geotechnical engineering services related to the design and construction of foundations for the 287 kV Northern Transmission Line Extension (NTLX) constructed near Iskut, British Columbia. The NTLX is an extension of the BC Hydro transmission line, from the Bob Quinn substation, approximately 95 km in length, terminating at the Tatogga Lake substation. The project consisted of over 250 transmission towers with one-to-four footings per tower and four counterweight slug anchors.

BGC’s geotechnical engineering services related to the NTLX project include:

  • Terrain analysis
  • Geotechnical site investigation by drilling and test pitting
  • A geotechnical site investigation report
  • Site monitoring of construction (quality assurance services to the owner) during the winter and spring of 2013/2014

The foundation construction methodology included soil grillage foundations, screw piles and rock anchors. The geotechnical aspects of the project were substantially complete in June 2014.