House River Temporary Mitigation Design

CLIENT: Major Oil and Gas Company

LOCATION: Wandering River area, Alberta, Canada

A major oil and gas company retained BGC in March 2014 to develop a detailed design for temporary mitigation of a pipeline exposure at a crossing located along the House River.  Following a site visit, the collection of field data and hydraulic analysis, BGC identified bank erosion and scouring of the channel bed as the active hydrotechnical hazards at the crossing site.

BGC proposed three mitigation options, of which the client elected to use a revetment – a temporary mitigation scheme based on the placement of articulating concrete block mattresses. The purpose of the revetment was to temporarily restore cover over the in-stream exposed segment of the pipeline and to reduce the potential for further exposure of the pipeline due to scouring of the channel bed and lateral migration of the river. BGC conducted subsequent mattress sizing and layout in collaboration with Nilex Inc.

In addition to engineering design, BGC provided monitoring services during the construction works and liaised with the fish biologist on site to comply with environmental regulations.