Geohazard Management Plan (GMP)

CLIENT: Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)


BGC is engaged with the Colorado Department of Transportation to provide services related to innovative technology deployment and process improvements to the existing Geohazard Management Plan (GMP). The objectives for the GMP work include development of measures to that inform project selection and demonstrate the value of risk mitigation, new algorithms for forecasting change to hazard likelihood and geotechnical asset deterioration, alignment of various data and information sources to support efficient decision making, and recommendations for improved data visualization and management. The goal for the work is to enable CDOT to make data driven and evidence-based treatment decisions for geohazard sites and geotechnical assets in a accordance with department transportation asset management goals, risk and resilience initiatives, and with consistency across consultants who support the program.

The work includes re-evaluation of performance measures and inputs based on implementation experience to date; integrating forecasting frameworks for rockfall, other geohazard types, and assets into the GMP; consolidation and development of a framework guidance for corridor and other planning studies; incorporation of geotechnical assets and deterioration algorithms; and incorporation of hazard reduction factors based on mitigation type and monitoring technology. In addition, BGC initiated a pilot implementation project to adapt the BGC Cambio software system for use by the Colorado DOT in support of their GMP.

In addition to the GMP support, BGC is leading technology transfer for an innovative continuous slope monitoring platform that provides daily slope movement measurements obtained through an automated photogrammetry change analysis algorithm collaboratively developed by the Colorado School of Mines and BGC.  The slope measurement outcomes from this technology transfer are also being incorporated into the decision framework process improvements within the GMP.