Environmental Management of Nose Creek Inactive Landfill

CLIENT: City of Calgary

LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nose Creek Inactive Landfill is a closed landfill facility covering approximately 50 hectares within the City of Calgary adjacent to both Nose Creek and the Bow River. The facility operated from the 1940s until 1967 and has since been redeveloped to include a variety of overlying land uses, including a zoo, a science centre, a recreational park, regional pathways, and a commercial/industrial park.  The City of Calgary has retained BGC as the project manager and technical advisor for the environmental management of the inactive landfill.

Due to the varying site conditions and complex overlying land uses across the landfill area, several conceptual site models were developed – supported by site investigation, ongoing monitoring and risk assessment.  An environmental management plan is being developed to integrate all of the landfill areas into one comprehensive management effort.  Environmental management measures in the process of implementation include landfill gas collection and treatment, automated indoor air quality monitors and soil contact barriers.  Groundwater and leachate management is currently under assessment.