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Pipeline Geohazard Management – Elements of Success

On March 3 and 4, 2022 we were joined by more than 80 client attendees, representing 26 pipeline operators across North and South America at our 14th Annual Cambio Users Group. The theme of this year’s workshop was “Collaborating to Move our Industry Forward” with presentations and case studies highlighting many examples of operators working together to reduce geohazard risk. These User Groups encourage data and information sharing and support collectively contributing to tools and resources which benefit the entire group of operators. As part of the workshop, BGC’s Sarah Newton presented an update on our Cambio statistics and algorithms highlighting how we define success for pipeline geohazard management delivered through Cambio

The key elements of success include:

  • Hazard identification that efficiently identifies, documents, and prioritizes potential threats
  • Inspection programs that are right sized – focusing resources on high-risk sites 
  • Data sharing (where available) to improve hazard management and save costs 
  • Detailed investigations that are conducted to reduce uncertainty and improve risk-based decision-making 
  • Appropriate data integration and timely communication allowing operators to undertake proactive risk reduction actions at high-risk sites 
  • Monitoring and response plans to provide enough time and information for operators to act in response to geohazard events

In partnership with our operators, our programs are currently preventing about 5 to 7 pipeline failures caused by geohazards per year and we believe we’re on track to reduce the global risk of pipeline failures caused by geohazards by >10% by 2025. Interested in finding out how we can help support your pipeline geohazard management using Cambio? Let’s talk.