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BGC Engineering’s philanthropic program BGC² will deploy the Ada Platform with North Shore Rescue to assist in the planning of complex rescues. Ada uses 3D holographic models in a collaborative way on Microsoft HoloLens.

Starting on July 1st 2019, the North Shore Rescue (NSR) team will be able to refer to high resolution holographic models of key north shore search areas to help predict the location of lost hikers. By collaborating in the HoloLens environment, teams will be able to reduce the time and effort it takes to execute searches, leading to improved outcomes.

Staff volunteers, as part of BGC’s philanthropic program BGC², will facilitate the use of Ada at either the NSR search base or at remote search and rescue stations to assist rescue teams with their missions. Additionally, BGC engineers have created an interactive holographic map of the north shore mountains that will be used on this project.

NSR was established in 1965, and they continually take the lead in developing techniques and protocols for improving search and rescue operations that are adopted across the continent. BGC anticipates supporting up to ten search operations this year.

BGC Engineering Inc. (BGC) is an international consulting firm that provides professional services in applied earth sciences. Established in 1990, our specialized appreciation of the impacts of geology on engineered structures continues to be our foundation today. This enables us to address a broad spectrum of engineering and environmental issues related to challenging terrain.