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Michael Billings

Geotechnical Engineer

Michael Billings, B.Sc., P.Eng. (NB), has 14 years of collective experience on a variety of projects focused on geotechnical testing of soils and tailings materials. Michael has been responsible for conducting advanced geotechnical laboratory tests and acting as a technical lead to ensure quality control and assurance of the testing completed in BGC’s Advanced Testing Laboratory. His advanced testing experience includes the performance of triaxial compression (monotonic, cyclic, drained and undrained), cyclic and monotonic direct simple shear, resonant column, direct residual shear, ring shear, one-dimensional consolidation, constant rate of strain testing, large strain slurry consolidation, bender element testing and rigid wall and flexible wall permeability testing. Michael also has experience with using results from triaxial testing programs to determine the CSL for natural silts and sands, as well as mine tailings.