Development of a Potential Groundwater Supply for West Saint John

CLIENT: City of Saint John

LOCATION: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

The City of Saint John in Atlantic Canada required a groundwater supply for West Saint John as part of its Safe Clean Drinking Water (SCDW) program.  The City retained BGC to determine if and where the groundwater supply could be developed.  .

BGC identified a number of potential targets in the region and determined that the most promising was an area called South Bay, where a sand and gravel aquifer occurred within a deep pre-glacial river channel. BGC initially carried out hydraulic testing of a production-scale well for a period of one year at rates between 5 ML/d and 9 ML/d.  Subsequently, BGC carried out pumping at two other production-scale wells. The total withdrawal from all three wells ranged from 10 to 27 ML/d.

BGC developed and calibrated a numerical groundwater flow model using the pumping test data.  The model was used to predict future aquifer response to pumping at various rates.  It was concluded that a sustainable pumping rate of 12.5 ML/d from the aquifer would be feasible – a rate sufficient to meet West Saint John’s current average daily demand.  In addition, water samples recovered from the production-scale wells generally met the requirements of the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

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