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Zac Sala

Geological Engineer-in-Training, Cambio Product Owner

Zac Sala has a B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. in Geological Engineering from Queen’s University. He specialises in landslide hazard and risk assessment with a focus on rock slope hazards and has completed geotechnical and hydrotechnical hazard assessments along highway, railway, and pipeline infrastructure. Zac has contributed to the development of algorithms for advanced rock fall modelling, regional geohazard screening, and rock slope and debris flow risk assessment. He has experience in the application of high-resolution 3-dimensional remote sensing techniques for slope monitoring, including lidar and photogrammetry along railway and highway corridors. He has contributed to several peer-reviewed journal articles and conference presentations. In addition to his engineering role Zac serves as a product owner for BGC’s geohazard management platform Cambio. Zac oversees the development and application of Cambio to projects in the transportation sector. This includes development of new features supporting risk-informed asset management along highways and railways in North America.