Scott Anderson

Transportation Lead

Dr. Anderson Ph.D., PE, is in our Golden, Colorado office, with geotechnical design and construction experience in the transportation, water resources, mining, and pipeline industries. His experience includes earthwork, retaining structure and foundation design and construction, and ground modification techniques. He is experienced with remote sensing, geophysical and drilling site characterization, and the determination of soil and rock properties and design parameters. He has provided forensic services, oversight and review of design and construction, as well as contributed to research and deployment of training and new technology in areas such as site characterization and slope and foundation design. His recent experience includes representing the government in review of major Design-Build and Design‑Bid-Build projects. Examples include the SR 99 tunnel under Seattle, post-construction behavior of the Central Artery Tunnel in Boston, the new Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach California, bridges and tunnels of the Ohio River Bridges project in Kentucky and Indiana, and a cut/cover tunnel in Birmingham, Alabama. His services have varied from leading and preparing briefing materials for the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, to providing onsite review with state DOTs, consultants and contractors during design and construction for these projects, and more. He often gives technical presentations and workshop training to groups of professionals, including transportation (DOTs and FHWA/NHI) dam safety (state Dam Safety offices, USDSO, FERC), foundation construction (ADSC and DFI), and extreme event reconnaissance (GEER).