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Sarah Davidson

Senior Geoscientist

Sarah Davidson, Ph.D., P.Geo. (BC, AB, SK), is a Senior Geoscientist with BGC and has over 10 years of experience. She is currently a member of BGC’s pipeline leadership team. Sarah has diverse research and industry experience in fluvial geomorphology. In her project work Sarah often completes flood frequency analyses, historical assessments of geomorphic changes, and two-dimensional hydraulic modelling. Her experience also includes predicting riverbed scour and lateral change to support hazard assessments at pipeline crossings throughout Canada. In addition, she has developed numerical models to predict bank erosion during flood events in mountain streams. This modeling has been applied in hazard assessments in a range of stream types and settings across North America and Sarah is now overseeing the implementation of a bank erosion algorithm in Cambio. Sarah is also currently the project manager for hydrotechnical mitigation projects for a large pipeline operator and is the hydrotechnical lead for the pipeline team.