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Rod Kostaschuk

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Rod Kostaschuk, M.Eng., P.Eng. (BC, AB), has over 30 years of experience in civil geotechnical engineering and construction, with project work in foundations, slope stability and earth retention, embankment dams, geohazard mitigation structures, hydrogeology, and numerical modelling. Rod has worked in several industry sectors including transportation infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, water resources and hydroelectric development. He is fully versed in seismic design including site seismicity and prediction and mitigation of soil liquefaction. He has expertise in soil/structure interaction, liquefaction, groundwater flow and consolidation modelling using FLAC, and other analytical software for the design of foundations and earth retention structures. He is experienced in planning and executing site investigation and geotechnical instrumentation programs and has drilling experience with most types of rigs and sampling methods. His foundation engineering work includes planning, execution and interpretation of pile load testing programs using the Ocell method and he is well-versed in ground improvement and cement grouting methods. He has acted as the Owner’s Engineer on construction projects and is experienced at implementing and adapting designs during construction. Many of the larger heavy civil and dam projects included Geotechnical Review Boards of independent experts, where his strong presentation and communication skills were an asset. He is accustomed to interacting and collaborating with other geological, hydrotechnical and structural engineers and other professionals, including owner representatives, first nations and other stakeholders.