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Naia Suszek

Senior Instrumentation Specialist, Instrumentation Team Lead

Naia Suszek, M.Sc., is a Senior Instrumentation Specialist focusing on the design and implementation of automated geotechnical monitoring systems. With over 15 years of experience in the design, configuration, and maintenance of telemetry systems, her expansive product knowledge provides cost-saving and reliable solutions. Naia also has a background in software and database development, and data management of large and small projects with a variety of risk profiles. By using a combination of off-the-shelf hardware/software and existing client infrastructure, custom solutions can be tailored to meet the requirements of each client and project. She is interested in innovative new ways to solve monitoring objectives by combining traditional geotechnical sensors/telemetry with new technology. Naia has worked in both the manufacturing, consulting, and software development sectors of geotechnical instrumentation, trying to promote a better understanding of the industry through discussions, training, and positive relationships. Most of her work has been in the mining, infrastructure, and geohazard sectors but has been involved in a variety of monitoring applications.