Matthieu Sturzenegger

Senior Engineering Geologist


Matthieu Sturzenegger Ph.D., P. Geo., has both academic and industry experience in geohazard assessments, slope stability assessments, monitoring, geomorphological mapping, rock mechanics, and advanced remote sensing. He works on a variety of projects in sectors including transportation (railways, highways), communities, hydroelectric dams, and mining. His experience with the management of landslide risk includes the characterization of failure mechanisms, risk assessments, conceptual design of mitigation measures, and monitoring. He also works on corridor-scale and regional-scale geohazard assessments for prioritization of risk reduction measures.

Matthieu has published several scientific journal papers on the topics of terrestrial remote sensing applied to rock slope characterization, and geohazards such as rock avalanches, rockslides, and debris flows. The subject of his Ph.D. research was on the application of terrestrial remote sensing techniques (laser scanning and digital photogrammetry) for rock slope characterization. These techniques were integrated in the investigation and numerical modeling of open pit slopes and large rockslides.