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Mark Zellman

Senior Geologist

Mark Zellman, M.Sc., P.G. (AR, CA, IN, KY, LA, MO, PA, TX, UT, WY), CPG (AK), is a Senior Geologist with over 20 years of experience planning, managing, and performing geologic, geohazard, and geotechnical investigations for infrastructure projects such as nuclear power plants, reservoir and tailings dams, water/gas/oil pipelines, LNG terminals, transportation systems, among other critical infrastructure. For these projects, he performs geologic site characterization, and geologic hazard assessments to inform decision-making and engineering design. His expertise includes desktop and field-based geologic mapping, landslide, seismic, karst, and tsunami hazard investigations and analysis. He has also filled the role of geology and geohazard subject matter expert for nuclear power plant siting studies and a pipeline failure investigation. A primary focus of his work is on performing seismic hazard analysis and active fault studies, and he has participated in senior seismic hazard analysis committee (SSHAC) Level 3 seismic hazard investigations as a technical integrator and other supporting roles.