Kumar Sriskandadkumar

Senior Geotechnical Engineer


Mr. Sriskandakumar, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., is a senior geotechnical engineer over 20 years of consulting, research and teaching experience.  He has diverse background in applying the principles of geotechnical and earthquake engineering to civil and mining projects, both in Canada and Internationally.  He has involved in several tailings storage facility projects, ranging from prefeasibility studies to operations as well as several seismic assessment/remediation projects for hydroelectric dams and pipelines.  His experience includes site characterization, instrumentation and monitoring, laboratory testing, design of dams, plastic concrete cutoff walls, foundations, buried structures and retaining walls, seismic assessments, numerical modelling, construction specifications, construction monitoring, annual dam safety inspections, dam safety reviews, EoR duties, technical leadership and project management.  His seismic assessment experience includes liquefaction triggering assessment, lateral spreading and flow failure assessments, ground response assessment, deterministic seismic hazard assessment, development of target spectrum compatible earthquake time histories for seismic design.  His numerical modelling experience includes static and seismic stress‑deformation modelling of dams, cutoff walls and slopes, creep deformation analysis of dams founded on permafrost, slope stability analysis, seepage modelling and tailings consolidation modelling.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Mr. Sriskandakumar is well versed in several computer modelling programs including FLAC, VERSAT, ProShake, DEEPSOIL, LPILE, PYWALL, GROUP, Slope/W, Seep/W, Sigma/W, FEFLOW, RSPMATCH and FSConsol.  In the recent years, he has involved in several static liquefaction assessment projects for mining industry, which included analytical analyses as well as stress‑deformation numerical modelling using the NorSand constitutive model.  He is also well versed in several advanced constitutive models such as UBCSAND, UBCHYST and PM4Silt.

Mr. Sriskandakumar has been serving in the Vancouver Geotechnical Society (VGS) executive committee since 2009, including being the chair of the VGS in 2014-2015.