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Kent Wiezel

Senior Hydrogeological Engineer

Kent is a graduate of UNB’s Civil Engineering program, and subsequently completed a Masters that focused on heat transport modelling in groundwater for a thermal energy storage system.  After several years with another consulting company, Kent joined TerrAtlantic and quickly joined the BGC family as part of that merger.  Kent’s career has been divided between clean water supply projects and contaminated sites remediation projects.  Since joining BGC, Kent has become increasingly involved with groundwater-related projects in the mining and pipelines sectors, while also maintaining an healthy baseload in municipal water supply projects.

Recent major project roles include project manager and technical lead for four potential contaminant transport sites at Teck Coal in BC, and team lead for IMU strain analyses for Enbridge Gas pipelines throughout the eastern US.

In addition to project commitments, Kent is involved with the Compass Team and Health & Safety Team at BGC.  Kent’s passions and interests intersect where diverse project teams meet new and interesting challenges.  In his spare time, Kent enjoys hockey, mountain biking, relaxing on a beach, walking his still energetic 7-year-old puppy, and trying to pry his kids away from Xbox games and Netflix.