Katie Tait

Civil Engineer

Katie Tait, B.Sc., P.Eng. has experience with geotechnical, hydrotechnical and civil engineering. Since joining BGC, Katie has been involved in pipeline geohazard assessments, construction monitoring at the Diavik Diamond Mine and has been involved in designing hydrotechnical mitigations for pipeline watercourse crossings. Katie has also gained experience leading the flood and precipitation monitoring team. The goal of this real-time monitoring program is to reduce the consequences of a possible pipeline failure during abnormal climate conditions. More recently, she has held the role of project manager/product owner for BGC’s hazard management software platforms, CambioTM and RNT (River Network Tools) and is responsible for managing software maintenance and new feature development. She has supported the implementation and maintenance of geohazard integrity management programs for a variety of business sectors (pipelines, transportation, rail and mining).