Juan Umérez

Geological Engineer

Juan Umérez (B.Sc.) has developed various engineering geology, geotechnical, feasibility, design, construction, forensic engineering and glaciology projects since 2004. Specifically, his experience in these areas includes the planning, coordination and development of desk and field investigations, design and engineering recommendations for infrastructure, in relation to their interaction with various soil parameters, including geological hazards and environment types. Since 2013, Mr. Umerez is focus on projects of characterization of the ground within periglacial environments and the relationship between these environments and project facilities, allowing the understanding of how those interrelationship can impact the projects from an engineering point of view, as well as according to local regulatory frameworks, resulting in establishing recommendations and designs that allow to mitigate potential problems that may arise from such interrelationship. Mr. Umerez experience has spanned Argentina, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela.