John Whittall

Senior Geological Engineer


John Whittall M.A.Sc., P.Eng.,  specializes in landslide runout and risk reduction at operating mines.  His work primarily involves rock slope engineering for open pit mines, natural rock slopes and rock storage facilities.  John’s typical projects involve stability assessments, slope performance monitoring and empirical and numerical runout assessments for pit slope failures, rockfill failures and natural landslides.  John developed the pit slope runout tools implemented in the mining industry and quantitative risk assessment techniques to define exclusion zones and assess the safety implications of a slope. John has also led several projects to integrate natural and mined hazards into mining clients’ risk frameworks for exploration projects, and has designed and monitored construction for various landslide barriers.   

John leads BGC’s strategic goal to implement a risk-informed decision making approach with our mining clients and leads BGC’s mentoring program.  

John is based in Vancouver and previously worked in BGC’s Kamloops office.  John’s current projects are mainly in British Columbia and Alberta, and previous assignments have ranged from the Sonora desert in Mexico to a remote coast of Baffin Island in Nunavut.  

John’s key professional interests include open pit geotechnics, runout of pit slope, waste dump, and natural landslides, and the geology influences on the pre-failure deformation and post-failure runout behaviour.