John Cholewa

Transportation Lead

John Cholewa, Ph.D., P.Eng., is a geotechnical engineer with over ten years of experience on a broad range of projects involving foundation design, landslide remediation, trenchless pipeline installation, embankment construction, route selection and laboratory testing of soil. His role on these projects has included the planning of site investigations, development of advanced laboratory testing and geotechnical instrumentation programs, the interpretation of engineering properties for design, the performance of slope stability analyses including those for landslide remediation, preparation of design reports, drawings and contract specifications, and  management of construction Quality Assurance (QA) programs. Dr. Cholewa has acted as the Owner’s Engineer and as an independent technical reviewer for various transportation and site development projects. He enjoys interacting and collaborating with other engineering disciplines, professionals, owner representatives and other stakeholders.  Problem solving, collaboration, and working towards practical, constructable, and cost-effective solutions are his motivation.