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Heather Brooks

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Heather Brooks, Ph.D., P.E. (AK), has many years of experience in geotechnical and arctic engineering. She has specialist skills in foundation engineering in permafrost and non-permafrost environments, wave equation analysis of driven piles, thermal modeling of permafrost, geotechnical risk assessment, Inertial Measurement Unit data analysis for geohazards and secondary laboratory testing. Her consulting assignments have included site development, field exploration, geotechnical design for oil development, pipelines, schools and public structures, and construction monitoring. Her research work has included risk analysis of embankments on permafrost. Recently Heather researched methodologies to quantitatively assess the risks of embankment-supported linear infrastructure on permafrost, such as roadways and airports. The project focused on creating a methodology to quantify of the probability of failure using probabilistic methods and the failure consequences using a semi-quantitative methodology. Additionally, the project developed an Excel-based analysis program to automate the risk analysis process. Heather is chair of ASCE’s Committee on Technical Advancement and a member of ASCE’s Cold Regions Engineering Division and the Canadian and US Permafrost Associations.