Daniela Welkner

Senior Engineering Geologist


Daniela Welkner M.Sc., has twenty years of experience in geological and geotechnical projects in northern British Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile. Her expertise includes site characterization investigations in challenging terrains and environments (tropical soils, volcanic terrains, discontinuous permafrost, desert regions with saline soils), static and pseudo-static slope stability analysis, geological, structural, and geotechnical mapping, geohazard identification and mapping, rock mass and discontinuity characterization, and analysis of liquefaction potential. She has participated in geohazard pipeline integrity management programs for the oil and gas industry in Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. Ms. Welkner has acted as project manager in numerous projects and is experienced in both the technical and administrative aspects of a project. Ms. Welkner is the Office Manager of the Santiago office and a Professional Geologist in Chile.