Chris Bunce

Principal Geotechnical/Geological Engineer


Chris Bunce Ph.D., P.Eng., has over 30 years of experience specializing in geo-hazard assessment and remediation, geotechnical design and construction in the railway, highway, dam, mining, pipeline, and forestry industries.  He joined BGC after 18 years with Canadian Pacific Railway as the senior geotechnical engineer, environment and emergency response manager and most recently the Chief Engineer of construction.  Dr. Bunce has worked throughout North America on feasibility assessments, design and construction for numerous projects including dam foundations, earth fill embankments, mine pit walls and waste dumps, railway and highway rock slopes designs and stabilization, muskeg and soft soil sub-grade failures and remediation, and slope stability assessments and stabilization for mines, railways and municipalities.  He has extensive experience in emergency response for geo-hazards and environmental incidents.  He is a specialist in risk assessment and management solutions for numerous natural hazards including large landslide, debris flows, rock falls and floods.  He has completed route selection and site investigations for directional drilled river crossings, pipelines, roads and railways.  Dr. Bunce has planned and completed site investigations, installation of geotechnical instrumentation, soil testing and designed, and implemented real time landslide and rock fall monitoring systems.  He has been involved with the design and construction of numerous hydraulic and erosion protection structures for culverts, bridges and embankments. He completed his Ph.D. in landslide prediction and risk assessment. He has a passion for natural hazard management, and developing and implementing superior geotechnical engineering solutions. He is a strong leader with a desire to improve the geotechnical engineering field through education and research.