Changa Mettananda

Senior Geotechnical Engineer


Changa Mettananda, M.Sc., P.Eng., is a senior geotechnical engineer with more than 15 years of consulting experience following his graduate studies, including extensive experience in the oil sands. He has worked on various civil and mining projects involving tailings dams, water dams, pit walls in soft rock, foundations for plant sites, tanks, pump stations and substations, ground improvement, roads and bridges. Changa’s technical experience includes design of dams, foundation recommendations, geotechnical investigations, slope stability and seepage analyses, numerical modelling with FLAC, static liquefaction analyses, geotechnical instrumentation design and data analysis, hydraulic and structural design of buried pipes, construction drawings and specifications and construction quality control. Over the years, he has fulfilled various project roles, including technical lead, project engineer, field engineer and project manager. He is proficient in many geotechnical/engineering software programs, including FLAC, Seep/W, Slope/W, Sigma/W, L-Pile, GRLWEAP, Global Mapper, AutoCAD and Matlab.