Catherine Schmid

Senior Geotechnical Engineer


Cathy Schmid M.Sc., P.Eng. (BC, ON, SK), has a passion for rock mechanics, mining, and railway engineering. Her grandpa worked for the underground coal mines in England, so spending time in the underground is in her blood. Her Master’s research with Queen’s University took her to the underground mines in Sudbury, where she spent time doing research on boltless shotcrete in sublevel caving excavations.  She developed and built her own instrumentation to monitor shotcrete performance, and carried out two-dimensional and three-dimensional numerical modelling to understand how shotcrete strength could be back-calculated from in-situ pull testing data.  There she developed a love of field work which continues to this day.  Sixteen years later, her career has taken her to site investigation programs in Alaska, rock mechanics assessments and designs for the underground uranium mines of Saskatchewan, management of geohazard risk to the railways through the steep mountainous terrain of B.C., and underground mapping and ground support designs in the beautiful historical underground mines of Slovakia. The highlight of her career so far has been a trip to Burkina Faso, Africa, where she was responsible for the rock mechanics assessments for the preliminary economic assessment of what is now Fortuna and Roxgold’s operating Yaramoko Mine. Cathy is a member of BGC’s Mining Leadership Team, and loves to be a part of developing and operating mining and railway projects.