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Casey Dowling

Senior Geological Engineer

Casey Dowling, M.Sc., P.E. (AR, KT, OH, WV, TN, CO), P.Eng. (AB), is a senior geological engineer in BGC’s Golden, Colorado office. Casey has more than ten years of experience working on a wide variety of geotechnical projects ranging from pipeline routing studies, detailed landslide investigations and system-wide geohazard management for pipeline operators. While most of his work has been in the pipeline sector, Casey has also been involved in geohazard assessments for municipalities and slope stability studies for transportation departments. In recent years, Casey has focused on landslide characterization and mitigation design across a broad swath of North America, from the mountains and valleys of Northern British Columbia to the hills and hollows of the Ozarks and Appalachia. The lessons learned from the diversity of locations and landslide processes have given him a strong understanding of the complex mechanics of landslides and the best (and most practical) methods to investigate and mitigate unstable slopes in a variety of geological and physiographical settings. Casey enjoys sharing his learnings with others and has been involved for several years with BGC’s pipeline geohazard management course for pipeline operators and internal BGC training initiatives.