Carl Mendoza

Principal Hydrogeological Engineer


Dr. Carl Mendoza Ph.D., P.Eng., P.Geol., has over 35 years of consulting and applied academic experience in physical and contaminant hydrogeology, including the vadose zone. He specializes in using field investigations and numerical models to understand complex hydrogeologic systems. He has worked with the conventional oil-and-gas, oil-sand mining, hard-rock mining and forestry industries, for hydrogeological and environmental engineering consulting companies, and as a university professor. His physical hydrogeology expertise includes water resources, pumping tests and effective aquifer properties, regional flow systems and surface-water/groundwater interactions, plus seepage from tailings impoundments and unsaturated flow through reclamation covers. His contaminant hydrogeology expertise includes most aspects of subsurface transport analyses, including soil-gas transport in the unsaturated zone. Dr. Mendoza has developed environmental, operational, reclamation and closure expertise through working at metal mines in northern BC, oil-sand mines in northeastern Alberta, a uranium mine in Saskatchewan, and gold mines in northern Ontario. Dr. Mendoza taught undergraduate and graduate courses in hydrogeology for 25 years and has delivered short courses or workshops on numerous topics. He is co-author of over 60 refereed scientific articles, 30 conference papers and 100 conference presentations.