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Brent Mooder

Principal Hydrogeological Engineer

Brent Mooder, M.Sc., P.Eng. (BC, AB, SK, ON, NS), is a Principal Hydrogeological Engineer with more than twenty-five years of applied earth science consulting experience. He has extensive experience in physical and contaminant hydrogeology, anchored by strong computational skills and a deep appreciation of the central role of geological uncertainty in applied earth science practice. He collaborates with multidisciplinary teams across a variety of sectors. Brent has over two decades of mining project experience, including development, operations, reclamation, and closure. He has expertise in numerical and analytical groundwater modeling, seepage analysis, groundwater supply, dewatering, depressurization, well installation, aquifer testing, regional groundwater evaluation, groundwater resource evaluation, and groundwater quality assessment.  He has developed conceptual and numerical models for contaminant fate and transport analysis, seepage analysis, and groundwater resource evaluation at many levels of complexity and scale, in a wide range of climates and geological settings.