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Anne Clayton

Senior Geological/Geotechnical Engineer, Rock Mechanics Team Lead

Anne Clayton, M.Sc., P.Eng. (BC, ON), P.E. (AK), has a focus on rock mechanics, mining geotechnics, and investigation of complex geological environments. She applies the principle of getting the geology right to mining operations and development projects, linear infrastructure, and energy. Anne specializes in the design and support of open pit mining projects and has gained a broad range of mining experience including geotechnical monitoring, rock and tailings storage facility design and operation, dewatering/depressurization of mine facilities, and ground control/geohazard management. She brings a deep understanding of geotechnical site investigation to her work, gained through rock-focused and multi-disciplinary campaigns, including expertise in the collection and interpretation of borehole televiewer data. Anne has led monitoring programs for block-cave-induced subsidence and bedrock instability. She has explored BC, and Alaska, South Carolina, Mexico, the Dominican Republic through project work and provided off-site engineering services for other jurisdictions. Anne currently leads the Rock Mechanics Discipline team at BGC, and has a special interest in understanding the link between geological environments, the spatial distribution/density of geotechnical model data inputs and the reliability of engineering assessments.