During the latter part of 2022 we welcomed a few new team members across all our offices. They each bring a wealth of expertise and skills to our #OneTeamOneBGC and we’re happy to introduce you to them.

We welcomed seven new Senior team members:

Alex Ferrier
Cambio Development Lead
Vancouver, BC

Alex Ferrier is a lifelong believer in the power of real-time 3D graphics and algorithms – so much so that after playing the original 3D sports game, “Actua Soccer” in 1995, he left university the following summer to join Gremlin Interactive and work on its sequel. For the last 27 years he has been leading real-time 3D rendering and simulation across video games including Need For Speed and NBA Live, building graphics and computer vision tech for Disney, and working on the core of Microsoft HoloLens. He passionately believes in the opportunities for software to contribute to engineering practice, and aspires to increase his earth science knowledge to a level where he can become the Engineering Geology team’s adopted pet. Outside of work, Alex enjoys gravel cycling, and playing hockey and squash. 

Brian Collins, M.Sc.E, P.E. (MT, AK, CO, WA)
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Golden, CO

Brian is a Professional Engineer with over 23 years of experience and expertise in infrastructure design, including developing and executing geotechnical exploration plans, foundation design, retaining wall design, earthwork and embankment design, preparing specifications, landslide identification and mitigation, and geosynthetic design. His recent experience includes working at Kiewit as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer where his responsibilities included geotechnical design and specification development for infrastructure design-build projects, performing risk reviews of contract documents, completing technical risk assessments of Issued for Estimate design documents, and managing the US infrastructure design-build geotechnical engineering team. Prior to Kiewit, Brian was a Senior Geotechnical Engineer for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFLHD) for more than 10 years and was also the Federal Lands Geotechnical Discipline Champion. He also spent 5 years working for the Montana Department of Transportation as a Geotechnical Specialist and as the Missoula District Geotechnical Manager. Prior to that, he started his career working for a consulting firm in the Midwest providing geotechnical investigation, design, and construction materials testing services.

Dayley Clohan, M.A.Sc., PMP, P.Eng. (NWT, ON, BC)
Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer
Vancouver, BC

W. Daley Clohan (Daley) is a Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer and BGC’s Lead Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Engineer. Daley’s background is in hydraulic design and analysis using scaled physical hydraulic models, state-of-the-art CFD models, and theoretical approximations. He is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in river engineering, numerical simulations of tailings flows (i.e., tailings dam breach assessment, tailings beach evolution, pumped tailings, etc.), landslide generated wave assessments, and complex multi-disciplinary projects that focus on implementing innovative and scalable numerical solutions that drive decision making processes. Daley’s technical expertise also includes far- and near-field advection-dispersion, fluvial hydrodynamics, coastal hydrodynamics, fluvial scour/erosion assessments, bridge hydraulics, and the hydraulic design of hydropower structures.

Daley complements his 16 plus years of technical experience with his aptitude for project management and practical approach to project execution. He is also a known leader for integrating cross-discipline team members together and developing elegant work plans for complex problems.

Denys Grygorenko
Senior Software Developer
Vancouver, BC

Denys is a Senior Software Engineer with solid experience in cloud development. He brings a wealth of experience from Kyiv, Ukraine, having recently moved to Vancouver. His experience ranges from full stack to being a technical lead of a backend team. Denys enjoys solving system design problems and collaborating with the team. His background is in the telecom, e-commerce, IoT, and financial industries. Joining BGC is a new challenge for him both from an industry and cultural standpoint. Denys used to be a professional sportsman and has a black belt in judo. He spends his spare time with his kids doing outdoor activities.

Kim Sinclair, M.Sc., P.Eng. (BC)
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Vancouver, BC

Kim grew up in the city of Leeds in the UK and emigrated to Canada with her husband and two children in 2013. Kim is a Geotechnical Engineer with 16 years of international consulting experience on a wide range of transportation, civil infrastructure, and mining projects involving foundation design, embankment construction, slope stability and settlement analysis. Most recently, she was the engineer of record for three highway realignment segments as part of a large hydroelectric dam project in northern BC. Kim is excited to be part of the BGC Team. Kim lives in Prince George and in her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, and gardening.

Paolo Chiaramello, M.Sc., P.Eng. (BC, NT, NU)
Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer
Vancouver, BC

Paolo Chiaramello is a Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer with 18 years of consulting experience in water management and environmental permitting for civil and mining projects in North America, South America, and Europe. He has acted as the water discipline lead for several international and multidisciplinary projects providing technical coordination of all water aspects of the projects. He also led and provided senior technical review for numerous studies including climate and hydrology baseline, hydrotechnical design for water management structures, water balance modeling, closure and reclamation planning, and dam breach and inundation studies.

Vincenzo Coia, Ph.D.
Senior Data Scientist
Vancouver, BC

Vincenzo is a Statistical Data Scientist specializing in evaluating uncertainty and dependence modeling. He completed his Ph.D. in Statistics at The University of British Columbia in 2017, focusing on estimating extreme streamflow quantiles using vine copula models. His project work includes flood frequency assessments, flow forecasting, and uncertainty characterization in water balance models. Vincenzo was previously a professor at The University of British Columbia where he trained students in data science and developed R packages to aid in evaluating uncertainty; he is now a data scientist at BGC Engineering. In his spare time, he spends time outdoors and with his family.

We also welcomed a number of new Intermediate team members:

(From L to R)
First row: Colden Van Ommen, P.Eng. (BC), Geotechnical Engineer | Jesus Tremols, M.Sc., Ing. Civil (Dom. Rep.), Geotechnical Engineer, Melissa Brett, M.A., Earth Scientist
Second row: Daniel Jones, Ph.D., P.Eng. (ON), Geotechnical Engineer, Gonzalo Huerta, M.Sc., Earth Scientist, Jack Tagg, M.Sc.E., C.P.Eng. (Aus.), Geotechnical Engineer
Third row: Jonathan Findlay, P.Eng. (BC), Geotechnical Engineer | Lenin Alberto Montas, M.Sc., Ing. Civil (Dom. Rep.), Geotechnical Engineer | Mark Halverson, M.Sc., Ph.D., Data Scientist