The Cambio Geotechnical Asset Management Solution is a cloud-hosted web application that supports the screening, monitoring, assessment and management of geohazards that have the potential to affect linear or distributed infrastructure.

Cambio supports proactive management and planning for inspections or mitigations, and allocating resources at the appropriate level based on the significance of the hazard, asset condition and priority among the assets under management. It serves as a key tool in the execution of best-practice geohazard risk mitigation programs by allowing for infrastructure  management decisions to become more cost effective, defensible, better documented, transparent and easily communicated to regulators and senior management.




Existing Client Record & Asset Management Data
  • Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) data
  • Existing Hazard data
  • Client-acquired lidar, orthophotos, lidar change detection
  • Instrument locations
  • Borehole locations
  • Survey locations
  • Terrain mapping
  • Mapped landslide polygons
  • District or area boundaries
  • Major drainage basins boundaries
  • Parks and reserves boundaries
  • Chainage markers
BGC Managed Data Sources
  • River Network ToolsTM which integrates a variety of data sources itself pertaining to river and stream hazards
  • Standardized and integrated geohazard inspection forms available through mobile application to support repeatable and consistent BGC or client inspection data collection
Publicly Available Data Sources
  • Real-time earthquake and flood monitoring with integrated alert system
  • Earthquake Seismic Monitoring (USGS, NRCAN) 
  • Landslide susceptibility data (NE BC, AB, SK)
  • Climate widget (includes SNODAS, Copernicus and RDPS) 
  • Weather (North America snowpack stations – Percent of Median SWE and SWE)
  • Precipitation Forecast data 
  • Earth observation data
  • Snow Data Assimilation System (SNODAS) – Snowpack Data
  • Regional Determination Precipitation Analysis (RDPS)
  • NOAA Storm Tracks
  • Ecozones
  • Upstream Dam Inventory
  • Land Survey Boundaries
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Digital Elevation Models (DEM) if in: Manitoba, North Dakota, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ontario


  • With a robust Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface, a variety of data layers can be visualized in the context of the assets and hazards under management


  • Support available during normal business hours and on a best-effort basis outside of regular hours
  • Annual Cambio Users Group Workshop to reflect on learnings, identify opportunities and consider future systems capabilities with the goal of continuous improvement of the software and the geohazard risk management practice  
  • New features are regularly developed on the basis of customer feedback with all users receiving access to the latest version available


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Cambio Lead

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Software Development Lead

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