Mine tailings from above





BGC provides comprehensive geoscience-based engineering services for tailings impoundments for the entire mining life cycle from conceptual design through closure that includes site selection and characterization; all stages of design; issued for construction documents; construction monitoring; operation and maintenance manuals, surveillance and inspection; and reclamation plans.  

BGC provides comprehensive geoscience-based engineering services for tailings dams and impoundments that includes:  
  • Site selection, characterization, geohazard assessment, borrow studies, risk assessments, alternatives studies
  • Design for: 
    • All stages of mining including conceptual, feasibility, capital/operational and closure
    • Different tailings technologies including conventional slurry, thickened, filtered 
    • Optimized economics using the available borrow 
    • Different site conditions including climate (e.g., cold, temperate, arid, tropical climates and their potential for future changes “climate change”), and high seismicity 
    • Structures to manage stormwater and seepage (including projected future climate change) 
  • Engineer of record (EOR) duties with issued for construction documents (drawings specification, records reporting), construction monitoring (QA and QC), contract bid evaluation support 
  • Operational support including water balances, dam breach studies, operation and maintenance manuals, surveillance and inspection, instrumentation and remote sensing systems for monitoring, and depositional planning
  • Risk assessments
  • Support for engagement with regulators or members (e.g., for permits) 



Tailings Dam Design Experts

Chris McKane

Senior Geotechnical Engineer/Geological Engineer

Mr. McKane M.Eng., P.Eng., has 17 years of international experience specializing in the design and c
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Ed Carey

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Ed Carey, P.Eng, has been involved in geotechnical engineering in most regions of Canada, the Caribb
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Andre Zerwer

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Andre Zerwer, Ph.D., P.Eng., has over 20 years experience as a geotechnical consultant. He has a pra
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Simon Dickinson

Chief Technical Officer

Simon Dickinson Ph.D., P.Eng., is BGC’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Dr. Dickinson specializes i
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Roy Mayfield

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Dr. Roy Mayfield Ph.D., PE, has experience in design and construction support related to foundations
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Daryl Dufault

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Mr. Dufault B.A.Sc., P.Eng., has 20 years of international experience specializing in the design and
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Brian Nachtigal

Principal Geotechnical/Geological Engineer

Mr. Nachtigal P.Eng., has 30 years of experience as an engineering consultant.  He has diverse, int
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Angela Küpper

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Angela Küpper Ph.D., P.Eng., has more than thirty years of experience in design, construction, reha
Tailings Dam Design Experts

Bill Burton

Horizon 3 R&D Lead

Bill Burton, M.Eng., P.Eng. is a Principal Geotechnical/Geological Engineer and a member of BGC’s