BGC provides a range of engineering and applied geoscience services for every stage of mining, through pre-development operation to closure. Our specialized understanding of the impacts of geology on engineered structures allows us to provide innovative solutions in diverse and challenging terrains. We have successfully completed projects on mineral, metal, oil sand and coal mining applications worldwide, in tropical to subarctic conditions.

Permitting & Environment

BGC is well versed in the permitting needs of mining projects and can provide support services to help you fulfill early lifecycle requirements. Additionally, we provide services related to environmental impact assessments, including water quality and contamination assessments, remediation designs, environmental audits, due diligence reviews and community/stakeholder consultation programs. 

Site Characterization

Mining projects require a full understanding of the geology and hydrogeology conditions beneath them. These conditions form the basis for designs and material supply that directly impact mine economics and risks. BGC delivers site characterization services from preliminary desktop reviews of geology and seismicity to rigorous site investigation and laboratory testing.  

Data Management & Visualization

BGC’s Software Team develops web applications to meet mission-critical data and mapping requirements. Our applications integrate drill hole and instrumentation data with earth-observation data and any number of map layers. Web applications for mining are built on the solid foundation of the Cambio geohazard-management platform. We also proudly lead the industry in the adoption of augmented and virtual reality to visualize geoscience and mining data.

Design & Construction Monitoring

BGC serves as the engineer of record or designer of record for client projects. Our design services also include:

  • Geotechnical design criteria for open pit and underground mining
  • Waste rock facility and heap leach designs
  • Tailings dams and water retaining structures
  • Heavy civil foundations
  • Hydrotechnical structures
  • Hydrogeological services to support water resources or as part of structure designs
  • Mine closure services
  • Geotechnical design of linear infrastructure like roads, pipelines, and transmission lines
Performance Monitoring

BGC monitors the performance of structures and hazards using observation, topographical and bathymetric surveys, remote sensing and surface and sub-surface instrumentation. We manage the installation, operation and data management for a variety of geotechnical and hydrogeological instruments, some of which use automatic data acquisition systems. We design our structures to be monitored against performance indicators and we can also help clients establish monitoring thresholds for other elements such as mass movements (pit slope or natural). BGC can work with clients to develop their action plan for threshold exceedances.

Operational Support

BGC provides mining operations services completing specialized tasks including tailings deposition planning and density prediction, rockfall assessment and mitigation, pit slope runout risk assessment and mitigation, and ground control management plans for open pit and underground mines. We assist our clients with their operational planning including Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance (OMS) and Plans and Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPP) for dams and mine waste facilities.

Risk Management

Risk assessments enable mine developers and operators to recognize potential problem areas before they result in serious and costly impacts. Utilizing our geological and geotechnical expertise, BGC provides comprehensive risk assessment services for mine facilities and infrastructure such as tailings dams, open pits, underground openings, waste dumps and closure plans. 



Mining Experts

Bill Burton

Horizon 3 R&D Lead

Bill Burton, M.Eng., P.Eng. is a Principal Geotechnical/Geological Engineer and a member of BGC’s
Mining Experts

Angela Küpper

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Angela Küpper Ph.D., P.Eng., has more than thirty years of experience in design, construction, reha
Mining Experts

Brian Nachtigal

Principal Geotechnical/Geological Engineer

Mr. Nachtigal P.Eng., has 30 years of experience as an engineering consultant.  He has diverse, int
Mining Experts

Daryl Dufault

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Mr. Dufault B.A.Sc., P.Eng., has 20 years of international experience specializing in the design and
Mining Experts

Nick Enos

Principal Geoscientist

Robert Enos M.Sc., PG, CPG, has over 28 years of experience in the mineral industry. His expertise i
Mining Experts

Randi Thompson

Senior Hydrogeological Engineer

Randi Thompson M.A.Sc., P.Eng., has 19 years of international consulting experience.  Ms. Thompson
Mining Experts

Roy Mayfield

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Dr. Roy Mayfield Ph.D., PE, has experience in design and construction support related to foundations
Mining Experts

Simon Dickinson

Chief Technical Officer

Simon Dickinson Ph.D., P.Eng., is BGC’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Dr. Dickinson specializes i
Mining Experts

Andre Zerwer

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Andre Zerwer, Ph.D., P.Eng., has over 20 years experience as a geotechnical consultant. He has a pra
Mining Experts

Ian Stilwell

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Ian Stilwell P.Eng., is a graduate of the geological engineering program at UBC and has over 25 year
Mining Experts

Trevor Crozier

Principal Hydrogeological Engineer

Trevor Crozier M.Eng., P.Eng., has over twenty years of international consulting experience.  He ha
Mining Experts

Chris McKane

Senior Geotechnical Engineer/Geological Engineer

Mr. McKane M.Eng., P.Eng., has 17 years of international experience specializing in the design and c
Mining Experts

Catherine Schmid

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

<span cl
Mining Experts

Rob Millar

Principal Hydrotechnical Engineer

Dr. Robert Millar Ph.D., P.Eng, P.Geo, has over 30 years of consulting and applied academic experien
Mining Experts

Leonardo Moreno

Senior Civil Engineer

Leonardo Moreno, P.Eng., Ing. Civil, is a Senior Civil Engineer with over 20 years of experience. He