finding new value in data

As applied earth sciences becomes an increasingly data-driven sector, BGC’s Data Science and Advanced Analytics Team is integrated with all sectors and disciplines within BGC. The focus of the group, comprised of engineers, geoscientists and data science professionals, is to pair modern computational capabilities and analysis techniques with domain expertise in earth science in order to solve complex earth-science problems and provide novel insights. We provide technical expertise in analysis of large-scale geospatial datasets, time-series analysis, advanced image processing, spatial analytics and application design. We also have expertise in the curation and management of enterprise scale data and information.  

BGC’s data science and advanced analytics expertise includes:

Application of machine learning and AI for the identification and characterization of terrain and geohazards
Application of machine learning techniques to statistical hydrology and flood forecasting
Processing of real-time hydrometric data for anomaly detection
Real-time interpretation of earth observation data for asset management and environmental monitoring
Object detection in remote sensing imagery
Development of scalable processes leveraging cloud-based technologies to analyze and process multi-dimensional geo-datasets


Data Science & Machine Learning Experts

Matthew Lato

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Data Science & Machine Learning Experts

Patrick Grover

Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer