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BGC provides specialized engineering and geoscience services for municipal and provincial governments, First Nations, land developers and more.

Geohazard Risk Management

BGC is internationally recognized for our geohazard, flood and risk assessment expertise and have developed the guidelines used by many municipalities to define these requirements. Our services encompass the full spectrum of landslide, flood, and snow avalanche hazards and include all aspects of geohazard and risk assessment, mitigation design and monitoring. We specialize in the public communication of geohazard information and assist municipalities to move from initial hazard recognition through public meetings, mitigation design and ongoing risk management.


Geotechnical & Hydrotechnical Engineering

BGC’s industry leading abilities in geotechnical engineering are a common thread through all our service areas. We combine our geotechnical expertise with a strong understanding of geology, geohazards, hydrology and industry practices to provide a comprehensive variety of municipal development services, including geotechnical site investigations, road layouts, slope protection, retaining wall designs and foundation designs. We apply our specialized knowledge of foundation engineering, slope stability, landslides, avalanches, hydrologic processes and seismic hazards from the earliest stages of project development through to post construction. We also assist clients with municipal permitting and approvals.

Water Supply

Groundwater supply services are a core BGC competency and are particularly applicable to our municipal development clients. These services include identifying target areas, drilling and pumping of test wells, construction and development of production wells, and the monitoring of well and well-field performance. We also rehabilitate existing wells for groundwater supply.

BGC has expertise with issues related to water sourcing, handling, recycling and disposal. Our specialized services for municipal development also include:

  • Groundwater supply assessments
  • Water disposal assessments
  • Water release assessments
  • Water balance assessments
  • Well rehabilitation
  • Contaminated groundwater management
  • Environmental site assessments
  • Landfill design and monitoring



Communities Experts

Hamish Weatherly

Principal Hydrologist

Communities Experts

Kris Holm

Principal Geoscientist

Communities Experts

Rob Millar

Principal Hydrotechnical Engineer

Communities Experts

Alex Strouth

Senior Geological Engineer

Communities Experts

Emily Mark

Geological Engineer

Communities Experts

Sarah Kimball

Health and Safety Lead

Communities Experts

Elisa Scordo

Senior Hydrologist

Communities Experts

Lauren Hutchinson

Geotechnical Engineer