LOCATION: Edmonton, Alberta to BC Lower Mainland

In 2019, construction began on the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP) project, an expansion of the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system delivering oil from Edmonton, Alberta, through to the BC Lower Mainland. The route of more than 1100 km crosses some of the most challenging terrain in Canada, with mountain passes where geohazards including rockfall, landslides, and debris flows are frequent, hundreds of river crossings subject to floods and other hazards, and through the seismically active Lower Mainland. BGC has been an integral part of the TMEP project since initial route evaluations in early 2011, offering technical support and appearance during regulatory hearings, providing preliminary and detailed engineering and geoscience design and assessments, and construction support through 2022/23.

BGC has completed the following for the TMEP project:

  • Geohazard routing evaluation and detailed assessments
  • Seismic liquefaction/lateral spreading assessments, fault evaluations, and seismic slope stability assessments
  • Quantitative geohazard failure frequency assessments
  • Hydrotechnical evaluation and watercourse crossing designs
  • Trenchless crossing (HDD, Direct PipeTM, HD Bore, Auger Bore) geotechnical feasibility assessments
  • Debris flow channel assessment and crossing designs
  • Detailed geotechnical designs at geohazard sites
  • Acid Rock Drainage/Metal Leaching (ARD/ML) route assessments
  • Geotechnical Engineer of Record/Owner’s Engineer support during construction