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Employee Spotlight – Juan Umerez

November 15, 2022
Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, Juan has memories of often looking at the Cerro El Ávalia mountain range which frames the North of the city. As a young child, he was constantly impressed by the large mountains and by the age of 10 he had decided he wanted to understand why the mountain was the way it was. At that time there was no internet, so Juan referenced his encyclopedia at home which didn’t provide much in the way of answers. It wasn’t too long after this that he discovered that his grandfather was a geologist and actually had all…

Employee Spotlight – Madison Bowen

September 22, 2022
Madison’s first full-time job out of college was here at BGC. When she was attending school in Missouri, she was researching companies that were hiring Geological Engineers and she came across BGC. She applied and was offered an internship but with the onset of COVID-19, her internship was unfortunately cancelled but upon graduating, BGC offered her a full-time position, so she packed her belongs and made the move to Golden, CO where our US office is located. Madison was born and raised in St. Charles, just outside of St. Louis, MO. In high school she was a self-described “art kid”…

Holocaust history unearthed using new technology

September 15, 2022
Archeological explorations of Jewish resistance during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising The final sequence of events that took place within the resistance bunker beneath 18 Mila Street on the morning of May 8th, 1943, is not well known. This was where over 100 poorly armed resistance fighters are believed to have died after holding out bravely for over three weeks against Nazi SS troops, to thwart their attempts to remove all remaining Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto. Although this act of defiance is widely regarded as the most symbolic act of resistance by the Jews during the Holocaust, we still don’t…

Employee Spotlight – Mike Davies

June 27, 2022
When Mike Davies started with BGC the entire company had the same headcount as the current Calgary office. Mike Davies joined just after the opening of BGC’s Edmonton office and has been based there ever since. Over Mike’s 16 years with BGC he has had the opportunity to wear many hats including as Safety Manager, Edmonton’s Office Manager, and now along with his project roles, he is part of our management team focused on operations and the people side of our business Mike grew up in Terrace, British Columbia, surrounded by nature which stoked his love for outdoor adventures. After…

BGC celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

June 23, 2022
International Women in Engineering Day has been celebrated over the past nine years annually on June 23rd. This day is dedicated to recognizing the achievements, hard work, and perseverance of female engineers, as well as to encourage more young women to take up engineering careers. Engineering, as with other branches of STEM, is a historically male-dominated profession with women accounting for only 20% of engineers, and even less of those women being visible minorities. Here at BGC we are committed to building an environment where women can thrive in engineering and the geosciences. Today we wanted highlight the stories and…

A Watershed Moment: the November 15, 2021 flood in the Coldwater River

June 22, 2022
An atmospheric river (AR) brought two days of intense rainfall to southwestern British Columbia (BC) on November 14, 2021. This rainfall resulted in extreme streamflow the following day on November 15 and extensive flooding and river planform changes in watersheds across numerous rivers in the lower Fraser River watershed, including the Coldwater River at Merritt. Numerous infrastructures, notably roads and bridges, were destroyed or inoperable. This destruction led to a near complete isolation of the Lower Mainland from road and rail access. ARs are long, conveyor belts of warm, moist air that typically result in intense rainfall during the late…