Geo-Engineering & Geoscience Research Accelerator
Summer 2019

What is the GeoRA Program?

Take your research to a higher level. The Geo-Engineering and Geoscience Research Accelerator (GeoRA) Program provides a physical forum for current university graduate students and researchers from multiple institutions to work on aspects of their research in a collaborative and open environment.

Why should I be part of the Program?

The GeoRA program provides you with the opportunity to work side-by-side with those from other universities and people in industry, while still focussing on your own research. Program participants will be exposed to the broad range of problems being researched at top institutions from across Canada and internationally, promoting cross-pollination of ideas and development of alternate solution strategies. By leveraging the expertise of the numerous highly specialised fields that each university and their leading research teams are individually known for, this collaborative environment allows students to advance their research using concepts that they may have otherwise not been exposed to.

What will I get from being in the Program?

By being part of the GeoRA Program, you get the following benefits:

  • Gain exposure to methods being used by other students and adopting or adapting them for your own research – thus elevating it or allowing for an alternative perspective.
  • Have the opportunity to extend your research into new areas through collaboration with other students, including opportunities to co-author papers or to solve problems that would otherwise have been mutually exclusive to working on your own.
  • Attend in-house technical seminars from visiting University Professors describing their research and their students.
  • Be part of a prestigious group where you will develop your network of colleagues and contacts in academia and industry
  • Include the GeoRA Program on your resume or CV.


The GeoRA Program provides participants with the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with colleagues from leading institutions from around the world.

Boost your research with new techniques and have the opportunity to collaborate in a fresh environment.

The Program Details

The 2019 GeoRA Program will run for 3 months, between June 3 and August 23, and be accepting a maximum of 12 of the best graduate students from international research institutions.

The program will be hosted within the Vancouver office of BGC Engineering Inc., a world-class geoscience and geological engineering consultancy with extensive experience in research and development projects.

Students accepted into the program will be expected to:

  • Commit to the full 3-month duration of the program.
  • Be open and willing to share techniques and skills among their fellow students.
  • Participate in weekly roundtable updates on their research topic (internal to the GeoRA Program).
  • Provide at least one lunchtime technical seminar on their research during their time in the program.  This seminar may be attended by the host BGC technical staff, local universities or other industry guests.

Regular check-ins with your supervising professor will be encouraged to ensure that you maintain momentum in your registered program.  In addition, a member of the BGC staff will facilitate the weekly internal roundtable meetings and broader technical seminars.  BGC’s senior and principal staff will also engage with the GeoRA Program students in a casual manner by visiting with the students, and attending some of the technical seminars, allowing you to discuss your research and to hear from real-world practitioners.

University professors with students enrolled in the program will be extended invitations and encouraged to visit during the program to provide additional expertise to the group.

The visiting professors will each provide a technical training seminar (full or partial day) and be available to provide mentoring to all students enrolled in the GeoRA program for portions of their visit.

At the conclusion of the 3-month period, a conference highlighting some of the research undertaken through the GeoRA Program will be hosted that will gather together the various university professors and their students for discussion and/or workshops and to promote further joint collaboration between the various university programs, BGC and industry.  Each student in the program would be expected to present a 20-minute synopsis of their research and collaboration developments.

Applying for the Program

Application for the 2019 GeoRA Program are due by February 15, 2019.

Accepted candidates will be notified by March 1, 2019 and confirmation of attendance will be required by March 15, 2019.

Costs and Grants

There is no cost for attending the GeoRA Program.

Accepted students are required to cover their own costs for accommodation, meals and transportation, however, BGC is generously providing a grant of up to $3000 CDN for Canadian domestic resident students and up to $5000 CDN for international resident students on an individual needs basis to assist with living expenses over the 3 months of the program.

For More Information

Contact the Program Director at:

Dr. Alex Baumgard, P.eng. P.Geo.

Ph. +1 (604)-684-5900


The Fine Print

Research from GeoRA students must be compatible with working in an office environment. For research where laboratory or field investigation is a component, this component must be completed outside of the GeoRA Program.

Students will be provided workstations with computer monitors, access to internet, printers, photocopiers and IT support.  However, students are required to bring their own computers (laptops or desktops).

Conference rooms are available for use by GeoRA students and equipped with videoconferencing capabilities.

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